Images, Impact, and Interaction: Presentations in Education


Welcome and Introductions

Presentation Tips

Images and Video

Interactive Presentations

  • Linear v. Nonlinear
  • Slide Show v. Slide View
  • Ink Annotations (with or without a Tablet PC)
  • The poor man's SMART board: project on a white board
  • Animation for Education
  • Embedded Media
  • Powerpoint Game Templates

Activity: Extreme PowerPoint Makeover

  • Create a typical poorly designed 3 slide show (or use one of your own).
  • Recreate the slides with better design: more images, impact, and interaction. ;)

Find Presentations Online

  • Add "filetype:ppt" to any Google search! (Without the quotes of course.)
  • Search TeacherTube, Slideshare, and more.

Share Presentations Online

Share Presentations to Mobile Devices

Demo: Presenting From The Web

Reflection and Evaluation


Death by PowerPoint - A presentation on Slideshare
How Not To Use PowerPoint - A comedian on YouTube