Images, Impact, and Interaction: Presentations in Education

Computer slideshows have become a staple in education, but poor design and poor presentation leads to poor learning. Discover life after bullet points and increase your effectiveness in the classroom. Learn techniques of professional presentation design, create interactive experiences for your students, and get your presentation online for easy sharing and collaboration.

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.


Welcome Activity

Overview Demonstration Slides

Presentation Tips

Find High Quality Images and Video

Activity 1: Extreme Presentation Make-Over

  • Create a typical poorly designed 3 slide show (or use an existing one of your own... or find one using the tips below).
  • Recreate the slides with better design: more images, impact, and interaction. ;)
  • Share with those around you - then a few volunteers can share up front.

Interactive Presentations

  • Linear v. Nonlinear
  • Slide Show v. Slide View
  • Ink Annotations (with or without a Tablet PC)
  • The poor man's SMART board: project on a white board
  • Animation for Education
  • Embedded Media
  • Powerpoint Game Templates

Activity 2: Non-Linear Presentations

  • Create a non-linear "deck" (such as a multiple-choice tutorial for instance)
    • Include a splash screen
    • Include a slide for the "first" question.
    • Include a slide for each answer (A, B, C, and D) explaining why it is right or wrong. Wrong answers should redirect students back to the question. Right answers should direct students to the celebration slide. (Consider using giant transparent buttons for this effect.)
    • Include a celebration slide to congratulate students on getting the right answer. This can double as your ending slide - or you can have another concluding slide.
  • Don't be limited by this sample - if you another idea for a non-linear slide show, go for it!
  • For this activity, design is less important than function.
  • Share with those around you - then a few volunteers can share up front.

Collaborate and Share With Online Presentations

  • Save as Quicktime (Mac Only)
    and upload to TeacherTube
  • Record your presentation with Jing (and upload to
  • Slideshare
  • Google Docs - Create, Edit, Share, Collaborate, and Present (with a chat room) online!

Activity 3: Online Presentations

  • Create an account at Google Docs.
  • Work in a group of three or four to create a 3 to 5 slide show that shares the top three things you learned today. (You can select one each or agree on the top three.)
    • One person should create the presentation and then invite the others as collaborators.
    • Then each person can contribute from their own computer.
  • Add the instructor as a collaborator as well - one or more groups will have their presentations shared up front. :)

Tip: Find Presentations Online

  • Add "filetype:ppt" to any Google search! (Without the quotes of course.)
  • Search TeacherTube, Slideshare, and more.

Tip: Share Presentations to Mobile Devices

Reflection Activity



Death by PowerPoint - A presentation on Slideshare
How Not To Use PowerPoint - A comedian on YouTube